A visual conversation.

Audeo is useful

Many of us have friends or family affected by autism. Growing up around these people have taught all of us the social and communicational difficulties that individuals affected by autism face. To enhance conversations for people with autism, we created Audeo, an application that helps connect images to everyday conversation.

Audeo explains concepts

Audeo creates a visual link between auditory and visual communication by displaying images related to the conversation. It also provides simple reading material. Audeo also determines the emotions used in conversation.

Emotional communication made simple.

Audeo is a game changer

Audeo first analyzes your conversation. It picks which words it thinks are important, and displays pictures of them in a grid. When touched, these photos provide more information about the subject.

These photo grids, which are "visual conversations," can be saved in a history for later reference.

Audeo for an involved future

Audeo is currently expanding to multiple mobile platforms. At the moment, it is available for Android devices on Google Play. It is our hope that Audeo creates an involved and informed community... For everyone.